Youth Led Innovation

The world is our oyster and we have everything at our fingertips with the flick of a button or now with the swipe of our finger. The technology we did not even dream of is now a reality. Technology has made our life and jobs easier, faster and it’s all thanks to the youthful ideas and the ‘dreamers’ of our generation.
Innovation is not a small aspect but now encompasses every sphere of our fast paced lives. Gone are the days of snail mail and telegrams. Today we cannot imagine the world that slow and believe me its only going to get faster. How did we live without knowing what everyone in our network’s is doing 24/7???
Innovation means constant change, development and sharing, exploring and implementing newer better, greener ways of doing the same old things.
When did I use the computer? Perhaps at 10 or 11 years, that too if we were in a school in a metro city. Now we see our toddlers using our smartphones and tabs, and all the gizmos that we are afraid to explore too much with the expertise of a veteran.
Imagine where will they take us when they grow up…….because all this will be routine stuff for them. Truly the youth will expect more, ask more and produce more in all areas.
 The time of computerization across all companies was a great trial for all concerned the world over. The popularity of the Golden Handshake was at an all time high due to the inability of many employees to cope with the new and faster pace of work due to computers.
The youth might not have the experience of the older generation but that should not stop them or rather be discouraged by the older generation from introducing various aspects of change or doing things differently. After all innovation itself means that something new or different is being done, so experience will not matter. Herein lies the advantage of the youth, because their thirst for ‘better, easier and faster’ will transcend to all areas of the future.
It is this very inexperience that lets them look at the old things from a new perspective.The same old drill of doing things is challenged and at times improved on various levels by their insight into the mindset of the Generation next,  Aptly called so.
The west is the prime example of the benefits of youth-led innovation in all spheres as their large workforce is heavy on youth talent even if many of them are with passports from countries way behind in innovation and progress.
China today grapples with its old workforce desperately looking for ways and means to infuse youth into the nation, hence its reason to rescind the ‘one family, one child policy’. We all understand the need for the new blood and the advantages of having a young workforce at our hands.
The seniors need to be the balance, as well as guide the youth towards the goals of an organisation. These will be achieved more effectively and efficiently with a Youth-led Innovation on our side.

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