I Want To Write But………500 Words On Anything…….

How does one decide that what is it that one wants to write 500 words on? My free will is the decider on this front and will rule my mind and decision. I choose to write on the choice of choosing anything. 
Ask anyone and they would immediately tell you that it’s a much simpler affair if a topic is allotted and all parameters decided beforehand. As soon as decision-making is taken away from our hands, and we are ordered to perform a specific task we hurry to do as commanded. However it’s not always possible to always follow orders, some people really hate to do as they are told maybe that’s why most bestseller authors write what they feel most passionate about. 
J K Rowling is a perfect example…..divorced and virtually penniless she wrote from her heart, stories about a boy which she used to tell her children at bedtime and the rest is history.
 Here I sit down and try to gather my thoughts on various things that interest me. What will be most suitable to send across that will offer an exact snapshot of what I am and my writing style and language, the reflection of my knowledge and grasp of current affairs. Is it possible to sum up the complete talent of an individual in few words or in few minutes as is the norm in today’s age of ‘talent shows’? Maybe the talent hunts are so popular because they have an insight into the human mind and a fool proof method of discovering potential. 
The world has become fast and small not only in terms of technology and the net bringing us closer to avenues till now not thought of. Work from home is one such option that is very suitable for people like me who due to some reasons no longer work full time.
With a request that just wants to test not only our writing skills but also our grasp of the present environment and the area of interest, it is understood clearly that more is being asked for than stated. The obvious is the grasp of the language and the choice of the topic but what lies beneath, hidden in this simple request is more important. What will be written about, why choose a particular topic, which angle would you choose while writing about the topic……. all these are carefully examined before deciding if  the writer is suitable.
Many may fall short because the topic of their choice is too vague, controversial, boring or simple. An equal number may not get through because they were pushy or not enough.
I can only hope that by discussing the topic which is not the topic my language skills and vocabulary are quite evident to you. This is a snapshot that allows the reader insight into the thought process of the writer and lets one know that writing is just like speaking ……we only have to write from our heart and give it our best as in our personal life.


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  2. Roshan Radhakrishnan

    Hehe… A long winding thought process this was. But I guess I can relate… Many a time, while writing I keep thinking ahead, sometimes faster than I can write. And then, I second guess my initial intention and writing plan itself.

    1. Post

      Thanks, Roshan. It was rather rambling, I agree. Hopefully, I am a lot better now but I still do get stumped about what to write, rather which topic to write – now I have too many choices 🙂

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