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Seduced in Spain 

Devika is effortless at romance and spinning tales of love that leave the reader spellbound. Seduced In Spain is no exception. It is the second novel in the series of romance around the world, Saved in Sri Lanka is the first which brought alive the natural beauty of the island nation. After having read most of her books, I was pleasantly surprised to get hooked onto this book from the first page.

Seduced in Spain is a page-turner, which left me breathless as I tried to figure out Alejandro and his quicksilver ways. Smart, handsome, commanding and a tad emotional – he is the perfect hero, an ideal guy to fall in love with. His soft, emotional side is also shown and he took my heart as well as Emily’s 🙂

Beautiful, vivacious, sincere, and hardworking Emily had her heart broken by him and the heartbreak is what keeps her going. Work is all that matters to her but it is work that brings her close to Alejandro once again. She has finds herself falling for his charms yet again. Work and love mingle as the two of them rediscover each other, their past and a possible future. The novel is a page-turner with a spin around Spain as love brings the two together and their family closer.


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Seduced in Spain is not just about the two lovers but also how families play a role in our lives – to bring us closer or to tear us apart. Devika effortlessly weaves in the family and gives the reader a glimpse of the traditional life as well. The home, the vineyards, the family gatherings, the love, the food and the feeling of being home. She made me yearn for my family while I read of the lovebirds meeting Alejandro’s family.

The author takes us on a beautiful spin across Spain and his heritage that makes our hero so irresistible. It was a wonderful read while I visited Spain with Emily as she is wooed in style. The lovers find themselves stronger as they find each other.

A love that nurtures, grows and supports is what Seduced in Spain revels in and I turned the last page with a contented smile on my face. Clearly, Devika is getting more articulate with each new book as she spins a tale of love that surpasses any other book of hers. I still have the image of the dinner at Alejandro’s home and feel as if I am feasting with them. I am a fan of her writing – sublime, sweet and a dash of passion.


Rating – 4.5stars



Seduced in Spain


Devika Fernando


Sometimes all that two people need to make things right is a second chance…
Nine years ago, Alejandro broke Emily’s heart, but a business trip to Spain forces her to be in his company again. Old wounds are reopened and new temptations complicate things even more. When life leaves her no choice, she realizes that sometimes the heart doesn’t listen to the brain. Will Emily win the battle against her forbidden desire and Alejandro’s charm, or will history repeat itself?

*Ideal for those who loved “Saved in Sri Lanka”, Book 1 of the Romance Round the World Series.*







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    I gave up reading romance genre with my college years I guess; somehow I have no patience for them and surprisingly I dont find them the ideal light read either. I used to devour them as a teenager. So I wont be able to comment on the storyline at all 😉

    I liked your review for the overall feel of the novel and style of writing Indy!

  4. Soumya

    I have never read Devika inspite of being FB friends with her for a long time. I’ve kinda given up on romantic novels, but maybe I should give this a try. 4.5 is a very good rating.

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