I have been Blitzed!!

It has been over a month and in the New Year we have done the Blitz thrice already for various other blogs. As they say “better late than never” I decided to not be too late.

Why worry about doing a nice thing like saying Thank you! Just do it!

This year we are doing the new reloaded version of the Blitz 2.0; which means a lot of people who were not really interested in spreading some comment love but waiting for their turn have left us and we have a lively bunch of ‘kindness folks’ left!

To know about the Blitz go here.


I had the surprise and a very merry chance of being Blitzed on 24th December 2014. In fact I had posted on my blog and was not online at all and DL Hammons had to message me on the FB Page for my Aunt who is a published author of over 9 books in the Hindi language!!

Check her page here:   http://www.facebook.com/simmiharshita
What is so great about being BLITZED you say?

It was a truly special day for me, why you say?

Well I got Blitzed, that’s  why!! Duh!

It was the last Blitz of the year and I had an unforgettable end to the year.

Let me tell you how I joined the Blitz…….well, I don’t remember!!

No kidding!!

I don’t actually remember from where I found the link and whose name it was that I saw on the page that made me join in!!

I saw a linky before I joined the A to Z Challenge in the year 2014 and decided to join in. I think it was late 2013 but I am not sure. 

I just love the idea of turning up at someone’s blog and being welcomed and sharing their joy and spreading some cheer! 

Kinda Chrismassy; don’t you think??

I put my name down and then waited for the magic to happen.

The magic you say…?

Yes, the magic was I got to visit new, different, famous, simple and complicated, wonderful and cool blogs and their writers. Many more than I had thought ever to know or the read their words.

The Blitz chooses every week an established blogger and a random relatively new blog, the details are with DL Hammons and I don’t want to know more because his system works fine.

I get to meet new people, learn and may times add to my reading list.

Joining the Blitz was never about get the hits or increasing my blog views but just meeting new writers and expanding my horizon.

There is never a day that you don’t learn something new and every week or so the Blitz adds to my knowledge. I am informed about the people/ blogs we are going to Blitz and then we are reminded again so we don’t miss it. It is a great way to know the other side of the world blogs, rather the rest of the world blogs.

Now that I have been Blitzed, I can relax and not worry about “what will be on my blog the day I am Blitzed?” The serendipity was that I had posted a book review on my blog on the day of the Blitz.

How? Well, I am a book reviewer and it is the most interesting part of my blog along with the fiction I write. I review a book as I would share my reading experience with a friend whom I would want or not to read the book.

The day of the Blitz my post was about a favourite author Shilpa Suraj, a Mills & Boon Indian Author whose second book I had reviewed and even she was amazed and humbled by the compliments and accolades bestowed!

So what is this post about?

It is just to say thank you to all the people who turned up to Blitz my blog; to wish me and made me and my blog and I speak for Shilpa here too, feel so special and cherished.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my blog.

A big thank you to D L Hammons.

See you soon, on your Blitz Day!

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