What Is Your Essential ?

What a simple word yet has so many ramifications! What is it about us human beings that we each have a different sense of what is essential for us and it can be so different for each person?

So let me tell you about what I find essential and then you share your points with me…

1.    Smile: “A short curve that sets a lot of things straight.” Need I say more, it is the best makeup you can wear and it is the best welcome you can receive? So smile – a lot!

2.    Courtesy: “Courtesy costs nothing!” yes, the oft repeated quote is the best example of saying a lot in few words. Life is easier, kinder and better keeping this in mind.

3.    Courage: the strength and courage to follow through with our decisions and actions. The nerve to take a stand for ourselves and others.  The guts to say NO when you want to and to YES and to mean it.

4.    Kindness: Being kind, thoughtful, sympathetic, gentle and benevolent are the traits that I look for in myself and others. It might not make a super efficient human being but having the time to stop and slow down so another person can smile means more to me.

5.    Respect:  Young or old, rich or poor, friends or strangers, women or men, educated or illiterate, just about anyone who classifies as a human being should be dealt with respect. I find it increasingly difficult to respect the average human being due to extremely negative traits that are coming to the fore but I do try my best.

6.    Stop judging: in today’s fast paced world we are so judgmental and opinionated. Jumping to conclusions and pegging individuals even before we know them. Stop and give the other person a chance, it they prove you wrong; then you were prepared for it or else you got a good friend!
I try to keep these essentials on my mind all the time and do tend to encourage others to do the same.

Live fearlessly, love freely.

This is my list but I would love to know what do you have on your essential list?

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