#StartANewLife the Army Way!!


I am an Army Officer’s daughter and am married to one – no surprises there! But yes, it was a big, bold, really different step for me when I decided to be an “Army Wife”!!
Here I was all 25 years old and working in a job of my choice and enjoying life with good friends. You see I was not a homely kind of girl – the one who likes to cook, keep a pretty home and make lots of friends for chit-chat. I was a tomboy – I still am but back then settling down and doing the home and hearth was really not big on my mind.
 I had done my Masters in Human Resource Management and had no intention of getting hitched to a “Army Guy” only to sit at home in some tiny, old, forgotten cantonment of the Indian Army!
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I met him on the insistence of parents and well, he seemed like a nice guy. (He is going to grumble when he reads this but he is still a nice guy!) We clicked and he was so upfront in asking that was I sure of marrying an army guy? Did I know the ramifications of leaving a well-paying, cushy job and pretty much doing endless parties and dinners? No work, no pressing deadlines, no office politics even no commute?
I had liked him and then just took a leap of faith and plunged right in, saying ‘yes’ I was ready and aware of it. With that, I said goodbye to the settled life, the glitz and glamour of the big city and joined him in the various known and unknown places all over the country. Living out of boxes, packing and unpacking and shopping in quaint, unknown places and the heartland of our artisans!!
 packing boxes
I was asked by friends about my job, about the unsettled life of moving every couple of years and living in places where the nearest market was 3 hours away!! I think since I had already seemed the Army at close quarters as a kid, it helped me adjust to the simple life and #StartANewLifewith the man I had fallen in love with.
It was not easy but it was a time when I took a bold step and brought about a big change in my life. Today when I look back I find it was the right decision, I could not have enjoyed my nomadic life more, I have the ‘wanderlust’ in me and my ‘army man’ has shared such beautiful, peaceful, pristine and rocking places with me.
India as our playground and a loving ‘Nice Guy’ by my side – what more could I ask for?
So take risks.
Accept a challenge.
Love deeply.
And live life!!


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