What a Bang Bang Party!

bang, bang movie
I just saw the movie Bang Bang! The patriot in me is very happy, the fauji kid in me is happy and so is the sister who understood the bond those two brothers shared. The patriot wants to see more of such one-man armies in our midst.
It might be a totally clichéd movie and it might have ripped off various and one flop superstar Tom Cruise’s movie but at the end of the movie; it was fun.
The hero went solo and did not have a single help; not even a trusty sidekick? Well, neither does James Bond! Hritik might be trying to fill shoes a tad too big for him but let’s give him credit for trying. He has been always trying to bring in the western style and stunts of movies in Indian cinema too. Remember Krish anyone?
All I have been hearing for the past week since the release of the movie is that it is crap, total sensationalism and how the hell did it make 200 crores? Well, most of what has been written must be true but then I really have not been reading most of it just glossing over it. It really does not deserve the bashing it has been getting. I have watched worse movies and had well read idiots fanning over them!
Bang Bang Movie
Indian cinema never boasts of making sense, in fact since I understood movies it has always been about leaving your troubles and tensions behind at times along with your brains and having a jolly good time! Three hours when nothing else mattered except getting justice or reuniting the lovers.
Where are the catcalls and whistles, the hooting and clapping? This movie had enough masala to generate all that and some emotion too! 
Deepti Naval as the perfect mother, more than the over the top Kiron Kher. I find Deepti quite a realistic Indian Ma, right up to the Nirupa Roy alley!
For me, the beautiful pairing of Hrithik and Katrina deserved a dekho! A dear intellectual friend told me it has been called “Hritik Porn” by someone; come on, really!! Has that person seen actual porn? One shirtless scene and this, what does that make Salman Khan; I shudder to think.
Katrina, who I believe was the perfect choice for a Barbie Doll, made on her some time back delivers the same perfect beauty and vague expressions. They are expressions nevertheless but all is forgiven as she is so beautiful; I could hardly take my eyes off her smile to look for much more; now that is calibre!! Something like the ‘smile that sailed a thousand ships’, in this case, the movie that made 200 crores!
Bang Bang Movie
Come on guys and gals! You want to see it if only to imagine yourself instead of the hero or the heroine! The spectacular locations and the beautiful images that we never want to stop seeing.
An average Indian can only hope to see Shimla and Dehradun out of the many awesome locations; I have Greece, London and Prague on my list but then it is just a list, considering I don’t even have a passport – at my age!
I am not here to defend the movie but just wondering what is it about the movie that had people cussing so much about it? The title is ‘Bang, Bang’, what did they expect? It had a lot of bangs of the sound kind; did want the other kind?
Did you watch the movie or are you planning to? 
Do let me know what you think?
Am I wrong it liking it for its “mindless entertainment value?”




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