So Inviting! 10 on 10

The personal diary lay open, pages fluttering in the wind.

She was tempted to take but just a peek inside.

How was he, the ever so meticulous one not here?

She stood afraid, by the door, ajar and so inviting;

It was his personal space and she had no reason;

It was his safe haven and she was a pirate.

She felt pulled and intrigued by the ruffling noisy paper;

She turned and fled, blotting out the temptation to indulge;

So ‘Close to my heart’, loved and cherishing his privacy!

His little sister felt happy as she defeated sin away.

This post is for “10/10 Tuesday Prompt #1” 

by Cynthia Vincent and Deepika Muralidharan.

Check out the link at 

(c) Indywrites

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