We are all I, Me & Myself.

The blogging world encourages the I in Me and about Myself.

Blogging might be a solitary pursuit but it connects us with the inner Me as it lays bare Myself for all the world to read.

I explore me and myself post by post and bit by bit every day.

I learn about myself as I read others with similar views and marvel at them as they lay their soul bare.

Little do I realize that I too do it regularly as I share some tips about Me and tell Myself it is just common knowledge.

I think this prompt is very apt for the post today and every day for blogging as these three words sum up the basis and passion behind blogging.

It is not writing, sharing, learning or discussing.

It is writing your own story one post at a time.

It is a journey about self-discovery, trying to find one’s own self in a virtual world.

Blogging is for……

Seeing what I can write?
How much can I share?
What interests me?
Who can I share it with?
What all can I write about?
How far can I push myself?
Where does my writing prowess stop?
Who all read what I write?
Why can I not write if they can?

Blogging used to be like keeping a diary or journal but now it is a public record of my life and so much more.

I see myself shared across the pages with things written about me I would never tell my mom, but strangers know now.

I, Me & Myself feel a strange kind of comfort that strangers know me better than I do myself.

After all they are the readers and connoisseurs who appreciate all I write about me!!

Linking this with Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt : I, Me & Myself.

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