W for Writing @blogarhythm1 #AtoZChallenge

Blogging and writing is something we do out of love and a need, an urge to express ourselves. Today I proudly share with you all my best blog support group BAR @blogarythm1 and my most favorite challenge #AtoZChallenge combined together.
I had the opportunity to blog for the BAR for one alphabet during the AtoZ and I choose W as it is an alphabet that has so much to say. I had written a much longer post but our dearest Captain Shailaja had strict instructions to follow and I being a sucker for praise stuck to her dictate 😉

So here is a peek into my thoughts on writing, do hop over to the BAR and look around; you may even find your own corner there. It is a great place to unwind.
“Writing for our blogs is an outlet for us and many of us are with no formal skills in writing or degrees in creative writing, journalism or English Honors neither have we done a crash course in blogging! Yes there are plenty of blogging coaches out there who will groom you for money – just Google it and see.
Writing for many of us ‘bloggers’ is about relaxation, unwinding and putting our thoughts across. It is a deeply personal and judgmental work. Your blog is not just a bunch of pages and words but a representation of you.”

Read the details here………


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