Sparks and Snowflakes!! PLAYING WITH FIRE by Devika Fernando

Devika with her “Playing with Fire”

I was very excited to read the second book by Devika as I had high expectations as I had already reviewed her first book When I See Your Face earlier.  I was not disappointed J

This book is very different from her previous work and it made me appreciate her versatility as a writer. This is the first part of a four part series and I immensely enjoyed it. The nature theme for a paranormal genre, references to the “X-Men” and the likes really got me glued to the book. (PS: I am a big paranormal fiction fan.)

 I have re-read passages of the book; just because I liked the way they expressed the fire or water element. The descriptions and personalities are very well written and the characters come alive within the pages of the book.

As usual in the emotions department Devika was in her element and she has brought out the pain and disillusionment of the Felicia and Joshua and made me sob at many a paragraph. The isolated little boy, the alone man, standing on the sides, apart and trying so hard to be detached; but like all of Devika’s main protagonists, so very human.The images of Felicia as the small ignored child; yet growing into a strong, friendly woman were very well written. I was surprised she didn’t burn out as a teenager with the attitude of her family.

The emotions are the strong suit of this story as is the chemistry between Joshua and Felicia. I just loved the sparks that flew when they met; the author has done full justice to their love story and has meshed beautifully the paranormal part of their nature as well as the love story!

I really enjoyed the story line and how the element of paranormal was always there, just waiting to grab you as a reader. The descriptions when they are controlling or letting go of their elements of Mother Nature is a treat to read.

The climax was a liberation of emotions (literally) and I enjoyed the slow build-up that led to it. Kind of like a simmering pot that overflows.

I enjoyed this one because it was different from the regular paranormal.

 If you like this genre you will dig it!

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