Social Potpourri – An Anthology BOOK REVIEW

Social Potpourri – an Anthology has found a place on my coffee table with its deep stories and beautiful pictures. It is a labour of love no doubt. So much care and concern has gone into the book. Not just the stories that have been chosen but the whole package. The cover, paper, binding as well as the images chosen are different and selected with care. Each resonates within the stories of the book.

It has a simple name and signifies a collection or assortment of our collective but it much more. It is a look into the subtle and hidden; gut wrenching emotions and feelings. Different circumstance but all follow the same theme of deep emotions.

LITTLE MOTHER – TAPAS MUKHERJEE. The story of a lady who finds humanity among killers, such a twist to the tale!

DREAM – ANIRUDH BHATTACHARYA. This one was so scary and touching at the same time. I was riveted to the story wondering what next?

TICK TICK TICK – TAMEKA MULLINS. Time is running out and how do you plan to spend your here on this earth?

HALF LIGHT – YOSHAY LAMA LINDBDLOM. This was my favourite of the stories, the way the story unfolded I expected a different outcome but the author surprised me and made my day!

I AM ALIVE – RIMLY BENZBARUAH. A family story gone crazy, I shudder think what could have gone wrong….

HOMECOMING – SWATI BHATTACHARYA. A boy and his family; can a family be more than what we see?

THE LAST SMILE – MEENU MEHROTRA.  This one brought tears and anger simultaneously because so much could have been done but was not! The lady had a last smile but at what cost. Such a dilemma was presented in this story.

RISHIKESH SOJOURN – RAJKAMAL BHUYAN. This one was sublime and I did not realise where the author was going. A bit surreal but a sweet sad tale.

ANOTHER TIME – SULEKHA RAWAT. This story was about love and its bonds and the accompanying poem was so emotive and touching. Sharing the reality of love and life.

THEM – CHARLES SADLER. Life, faith and humanity asserts itself in many variations and this story brought to light a different shade of caring.

SUBMERGED – NILANJANA BOSE.  Sujata grapples with internal conflict and external doubt. Her fate mirrored for her to see how life is never all that it seems… so well expressed and left for the reader to deduce what she finally decides.

FREEDOM – PANDORA POIKILOS. Such strong words to describe freedom. The passion just spills out of the pages. The strife and hardship of an abused person.

COFFEE MATE – KRITI MUKHERJEE. This was one nostaligic tale of love, loss and longing. The reason for love is just love. It sees no reason or logic but life is not always what love wants. The bitter sweet story was just so touching.

ASPIRE – SUKANYA BORA. Goya was a loveable character, I liked his focus and the fact that he dreamt big.

WHEN LIFE LETS GO – RON REED. This story is the stark reality of life. I felt so miniscule after reading this and realizing that in the grand scheme of things we are quite irrelevant. Life is unpredictable and much bigger than what you or I can plan.

These stories made me think, feel deeply and wondering about life and its myriad sentiments and emotions. A book that you can add to your collection with quite different stories that moved me with their emotion and depth.

I have mentioned the crux of what I took away from these stories though brief but more details will reduce the impact of the stories, emotions presented and the book if I reveal more. Social Potpourri is an excellent anthology for a relaxed evening when you wish to read something light with substance.
(I won this book in a contest)


Social Potpourri – An Anthology is for all the creative and passionate thinkers who believe in the power of the pen,dream, sleep and live stories. It is a collective effort of some of the finest creative talents in

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