#Selfies4School Even A Child Knows…..

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Ghanshyam was a worried man, every time he looked he sighed! He tried to avoid looking but it did not work, what was he to do? Every time he needed something, each time he called out, there it was, staring him in the face.
He searched and discussed; thought and argued with himself and with his friends but a solution did not present itself. Such a dilemma he faced and he could not imagine how others had agreed to it? It was a fate he would not wish on any one, even those who were in favour of the action.
There had been only one other man who had stood with him in this dilemma; he had been criticized and ridiculed but he held firm. Ghanshyam did not disagree with the man but he could also not support him. Ghanshyam was a poor man, a farmer and his family would not survive if the village went against him. This man was a craftsman, he always had work.
Yet again, the village elders were coming to ask him his decision, they said he was already late as his daughter was 13, old enough to be a mother not just a wife! His Geeta? She was just a child, playing, laughing and studying so well.
He shuddered when he thought of it. He remembered his best friend Uttam whose daughter ………………………………………………..read the whole story at http://tell-a-tale.com/even-child-knows-importance-education/