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It is my pleasure to announce that my blog is graced by the presence of the Author Ruchira Khanna as a Guest Blogger.

Ruchira Author #Choices

Ruchira describes herself as, “Just another soul trying to make a difference in this lifetime by juggling between my passion and responsibilities.”

Ruchira Khanna, a biochemist turned writer, who draws inspiration from various sources and tries to pen them down to create awareness within her and the society. In America, she obtained her master’s degree in Biochemistry from SJSU and a degree in Technical Writing from UC Berkeley.  Ruchira worked as a biochemist at Silicon Valley for five years.

After the birth of her child, Ruchira took a job as a technical writer, so that she could work from home. Soon, she began doing freelance writing work as well. Her love of writing grew and she started working on her own books.

Her years of freelancing led Ruchira to publishing her first book, a fiction novel called Choices

She also has a children’s book published to 

her name as well – 

The Adventures of Alex and Angelo; The 
Mystery Of The Missing Iguana.

In addition to writing books, she also maintains an inspirational blog of daily mantras called Abracabadra Ruchira currently resides in Sunnyvale, California.

Reiki Master in her spare time where she shares information about channeling universal energy and conducts reiki sessions.
Today she shares a few insights relevant to her book Choices.

Choices are a word, and we all use on a daily basis; more so cause man is an intelligent soul to create many options for himself. This noun is used in all avenues thus leaving man confused, and puzzled over what path to choose or decide.

This can either be a decision to make when it comes to ordering a mere lunch in a restaurant or paving a path with respect to a career.

This choices word was given to me as a student who just appeared for my 12th-grade exam, and then the various options given to me by my advisor to venture upon. Now, sure to have options is a blessing cause that helped me study my pros and cons and decide accordingly. 

I spent my ~seven years studying my passion and over ~seven years working in that profession. Over the years, the choice that I selected did not serve me or did not bring me the satisfaction that I was anticipating.

Thankfully, another indistinct path became visible that had lots of shrubs and pebbles laid out. I could gradually maneuver through that rough course and make the track a little smooth for me to walk without wobbling. 

I saw the satisfaction and also the elation of expressing my within. This made me ponder over the word destiny or fate and thus, came a book called Choices.

The Book Choices gives us a peek into the lives of Mateo and Albert on the choices they were forced to make, but are happy to make a life out of it, and help sustain the expenditure of their families. 

It gives a brief look into the lives of immigrants on how these men over the turn of events are prepared to cement their passion out over their responsibilities and their priorities.

Then I take the reader upon the journey of a young boy, Leonardo, who has a passion for something. His whole life revolves around that strong interest, but along the way he comes at a cross-road that makes him ponder over the fire within versus the stuff that gives him joy and satisfaction.

I hope the reader can connect with those thoughts!

Thanks a ton, Ruchira for gracing my blog, I really enjoyed reading about the characters of the book and all that they must overcome.

A true life’s lesson.
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Choices by Ruchira Khanna

The Blurb
Leonardo is a young man who is standing on a crossroad of life, facing choices. One road leads to a high stress career that brings in big bucks; the other is a chance to make a real difference in lives of others. He has a few questions, questions that all of us have faced when facing choices that can change our lives. Does fate make a man, or do his desires? Do ambitions and desires actually lead a person to true happiness and fulfillment, or does providence and life changing events actually show a person the true path to follow? 

‘Choices’ raises these questions, and attempts to answer them. It is a slice-of-life, a book written from the heart.

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Meet the Author

Choices: A Novel talks about how we all come to crossroads in our respective lives, and then the impact it makes by a choice we make.
A biochemist by profession made a mere choice of enrolling myself into a technical writing course. Now, little did I know that this small decision would take me on a path to creative writing and eventually publishing a novel.

This novel, Choices helps answer many questions about man’s ambitions and desires and how is it a road towards happiness and contentment that could eventually become your destiny. This is a “slice-of-life” genre thus, impacting all humans who have made a choice sometime or the other in this lifetime!

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Other Published Books By Ruchira:


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