Thrilling Love #TheRoyalRoommate by P G Van

The Royal Roomate

The Royal Roommate is one book that will wake you up and hold you rapt. This is a fast read, quite possibly the fastest book I read in the past few weeks. Writing the review was another matter, procrastinator me 🙁

Sid and Amy are roommates by design and end up falling for each other. Amy has a history, a heritage she is totally unaware of. She is working her way to be a lawyer and finds her new roommate – the secretive, macho, muscled, and so sexy Sid, just totally irresistible.

He is investigating her for a possible terrorist link up but ends up falling for her. She thinks he is an odd replacement for a college kid who had to share her house but falls for his charms. That he knows a lot more than what he is letting on is obvious from the beginning but the chase is what made this book a fun ride. They have the hots for each other and boy! Did I enjoy reading the book? It is a hot little novel and the author certainly steamed up the pages. Yet this book is not just about their rocking chemistry. It also has a lot of action with Sid being an Army guy and the actual evil people out the get them. I am not revealing the role Amy plays or that of her family.

The plot thickens before it resolves and Amy’s past is revealed, that she has a connection with Sid makes it all the more interesting. It is a fast, well-paced book. The chase, the escape, the action make it a page-turner. I just found the ending too simplistic, it was almost an action thriller but romance ruled the roost. The thrilling bits of action is what sets it apart from the routine romances and I see the author delving further in the thriller genre since she created a well-balanced world of bad guys, guns, action and chases.

The Royal Roommate is a fresh take on romance with action, giving its readers a bit of thrill, a good dose of romance and a canful of hot chemistry. Quite explosive, if I may say so. 😉



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The Royal Roommate


PG Van


Sid is Army strong and sinfully sexy. He is tasked to investigate a woman suspected of having connections with a rebel group. The style of investigation was not his choice, and he is asked to move in as the roommate of the person of interest, Amy.

Amy was thrilled to start her internship in San Francisco and wasn’t expecting a man with rock-solid abs as her roommate. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew he was bad news.

The attraction was undeniable and they both wondered how long they could hold on to their resolve. Sid didn’t want to sleep with a suspect even if she was wildly beautiful and sexy. Amy wasn’t interested in a fling.

Just when Sid is about close his investigation and declare Amy’s innocence, he finds out something about her that changes everything. She becomes the most important person in his life.






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    1. Post

    Somehow the premise reminds me of the Priyanka Chopra starrer hollywood serial where she is investigated by the army guy and they have the hots for each other……………. I love the crispness with which you detail out your review!

  3. sulekha

    Inderpreet, looks like this book has it all, love, thrill and mystery. A lethal combination 🙂 It’s been a while since I read a book with all these ingredients, might give it a go. Thanks for your informative and interesting review.

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