Rhymes for fun by someone I love……..

Today I was just checking all the folders of my mailbox and I stumbled upon these funny rhymes by a very dear friend of mine. Ra
We have met and lost touch many times over the years but she still stays close to my heart due to the fun times we had and creativity. 
This was written by her when we were young and restless. 

Of course she is making fun of me but I still them love them.
Thinking of those days of endless tomorrows and unlimited fun.
I am now digging out more of her works written on paper and hope to share them soon.

So here is a tiny memory from a corner of my heart, hidden away but not forgotten.


A woman with an aquiline nose,
always struck a sideways pose.
She was bee-stung alas,
her nose a swollen mass,
now she’s cosmetically morose!!!!!!!!

There was a lass who was a drug addict.
Her supplier, INDIRA kept phoning her night and day when her husband PREET went abroad.
She was caught unawares by her mum-in-law once, who asked her sharply whom she was talking to. 
She stammered:
IND—-errr—-PREET mummy!!!!!!
Mum in law crowed: KAURnered you, you liar!!!
Ringing UP PALs and saying its my son!!!!!!

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