Review – The Perfect Groom by Sumeetha Manikandan.

Those who love romance with substance will absolutely love this book.

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+Sumeetha Manikandan’s book The Perfect Groom came to me via a friend (Thank you) and I was super excited to take a peek into the book. The title itself was so tempting and every girl’s dream; so I had a lot of expectations from the book. Well, I am no longer a girl but my heart still flutters to any sign of love.
Cupid might have struck me a long time ago but my heart melts at every mushy love story I read. This has all that and much, much more. It sheds light on a very rampant issue often swept under in our modern society and how so called well-wishers do not hesitate to sacrifice unsuspecting girls. A love story that shares a message as well – very well done Sumeetha!
‘Good things come to those who wait and work for them’- I am a firm believer of working towards our goals and Nithya follows it to a T. She is hard working, not looking for favors, knows that life dealt her a hard one but she still believes in finding the silver lining. She works hard, is kind and caring in spite of getting a raw deal from her uncle/aunty. At the mercy of an uncaring husband, Ashok; she still finds her footing in an alien country; refusing to cower down.
In walks Vasu the guy who too faced similar hardships but has turned it all around. He not only knows Nithya but is also wise enough to know that for love to grow you need freedom and not confinement. Vasu could be the dream man of any self-respecting feminist.
Family, relatives, society and mothers all play their role and make the story more real and grounded. The story unfolds at a perfect pace, a page turner till the end and leaves a sweet smile on your face; an apt end to a love story.
A must read for readers who love a little substance with their romance.
Have you read it?
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I got this book in exchange of a review of the book.


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