The Wednesday prompt from write tribe was to list my favorite 12. Any 12 things that are most liked by me. Even though I could think of a number of things to list but I decided to go with my all time favorite – Quotations.
I have been a collector and reader of quotes since I can remember; maybe it has something to do with my mom teaching us life’s lessons with amazing quotes.
Her favorite for is, “Curtsy costs nothing.” Always telling us to be kind and to empathize with all the people we meet each and every day.
So here are  some of the quotes that influence me and are my guiding lights.
No 1

No 2

No 3

No 4

No 5
No 6 
No 7

No 8

No 9

No 10

No 11

No 12
Yes! There is always something to be thankful about. I had missed the time to add my linky to the WRITE TRIBE but Corinee with her magic helped me add it so once again I am thankful to her and to this beautiful blogging community that has helped me grow as a writer and made me some great friends. 
Had to end with this one; for me love makes the world go round.

Hope you liked my favorite quotes. I am sure I will remember another favorite as soon as I hit publish but then such is life. A new experience every single day.
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