Our Gratitude Circle

 As long as you are alive, 
you have something to be grateful for.

Today is Thanksgiving Day and today is the day Corinee and Vidya have started their monthly linky post called the Gratitude Circle. There cannot be a better day for sharing our gratitude of all the goodness life offers us than today.
I had been wondering about what all I was thankful for and the post sharing news of the new initiative by Everyday Gyaan was like the icing on the cake. J


My reasons to join this initiative, apart from the fact that it comes from two beautiful ladies…..really you need more? 
1.          I have a fixed day to list my thankfulness once a month – easily doable.
2.          I can keep a journal for the whole month and list the highlights! 😉
3.           I was so not wanting to join so many other gratitude series that needed posts daily. I just cannot commit to a daily post at this point of time in my life. Once a month – easy peasy; lemon squeezy! (This has become my favourite phrase as I say it to my kid when I am helping him learn something. All the time, even he has started rolling his eyes and telling me to stop.)
4.          Many posts have happiness, gratitude and extensive activities associated with the posts. Too difficult for an over worked mom like me. I have been very hesitant to join other blogging challenges as I found them too demanding.
Gratitude Circle of Hearts – Join In.

1.           October has been good for my health. I even got all my tests done. Hoping to stay on the path to fitness.
2.          My son started a physical activity that keeps him outdoors for 90 minutes, 6 days a week! Yay!! Good health and fitness; plus learning. (Keeps him out of my hair too!)
3.          I am so glad for all the help and support I get for my work; I do keep crazy hours some times.
4.          Gratitude for all the lovely books that I am reading and lots more that are lined up on my bookshelves.
5.          Gratitude for the ability to always look for the ‘silver lining’.
6.          Finally I am so glad this month finally got me to the GRATITUDE CIRCLE. I was waiting for it.
This list can be endless but these are all I thought of instantly.
So what are you waiting for?
Write your post and join us – it is a great way to make friends J

Health & Happiness Always!

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