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Otherness: Souls of Brown Women is a book that sheds light on the plight of the brown woman, not just on her but all women since no matter what our color we fight similar battles. It is a book that made me sad and angry, giving facts and details of how little progress we woman have actually made in the past century. It tries to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopeful yet pragmatic it ensures we sit up and take notice of the #otherness we all face.


  1. It speaks of the fight for survival women face even before they are born. The fight continues till the end, each step is hard to take, each victory through a lot of sweat and blood.
  2. The worst enemy of a woman is more often than not another woman. We know of many such instances where a woman stops another from succeeding or achieving something.
  3. It is a book that speaks to your heart. It is a reflection of the inner turmoil and obstacles we woman often face.
  4. In India, we are no strangers to the discrimination faced due to skin colour and herein lay the strength of this book. It lays bare the prejudice we will face when we go abroad since we are all brown women. Not white enough for the whites there.
  5. Sharp crisp sentences, deep thought, and detailed research make this a crisp and detailed book. The writing is flawless and point on. The author uses her words with conviction and knowledge.
  6. The references to the articles and news about atrocities towards women make it so much more real than just a book. It is an homage to women everywhere.

Read to see the dark underbelly of living abroad and feeling the unfair standards we are judged by. Just like, we judge others.


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Who is the brown woman? How does she live defined almost solely by her skin colour and all the history it carries? How do we carry racism deep within us even when we think we don’t? These are questions that require deep thought and reflection, and that’s what Otherness encourages us to do. In a world increasingly divided along the lines of colour, despite its apparent modernity, here’s a hard look at the realities that lurk within us, both as individuals and as a society.


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