Ojha is O #AtoZChallenge

Choosing and finding an author with O was really tough! Most difficult by far and I had all but given up. So here is the one & only author I found with the alphabet O. Luckily for me she is coming out with the sequel soon. That the story has all the elements of a good book and its on historical fiction is cool too!
Check out the details and decide if you will add her to your TRB.
Sumedha Verma Ojha is a former Income Tax Officer of the Government of India who is now based in Geneva, Switzerland. She specialises in history and has authored the book Urnabhih, a fiction spun around non-fictional details of espionage, adventure and seduction of the Mauryan era. Urnabhih: A Mauryan Tale of Espionage, Adventure and Seduction is her first book, which narrates history and politics with a sexy twist. The protagonist is a restless Ganika, whose attempts to avenge her sister’s death take her deeper into the messy body politic of ancient Pataliputra.


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