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 “What does safe zone mean to you?”  


The author of the best-seller #NoSafeZone asked us and here is my reply. The question was such that I had to share my thoughts on the brave warriors and soldiers of India. For me, Indian Armed Forces are the ones that make it a truly ‘safe zone’ for us.  



He walked into the sector, fearless and alone.

He felt his heart thunder and yet he went undercover.

To find the safe haven and ensure they had cover.

His buddies, his boys, and his people back home.

They bid him adieu, with pride and wonder

He was just a boy, not much older than you.

No Safe Zone is the place he walked into.

No Safe Zone they said was just a name.

He chose to stand alone, stand tall and not surrender.

He knew what he was doing, his heart pumping and blood boiling,

Protecting what was his, keeping it all safe.

As long as he stood, steadfast and proud.

We rested and rejoiced, No Safe Zone was not here.

Cocooned and cherished, we were so secure.

Safe is what are, safe within our homes, safe within our routines.

No Safe Zone was just a phrase, forgotten it lies.

T o be dusted and tested, used and tossed when one such boy comes home.

He came from the ‘No Safe Zone’. It was a tough battle but he didn’t give up.

It was a tough battle but he didn’t give up.

He stood tall, he stood up.

He held on to the zone, no matter if it was just a No Safe Zone.

It is ours he said, my people count on me, my country believes in me.

He stood by, steadfast and unflinching.

He held on till he felt no more.

He came back secure in his tricolor.

He came back to the Safe Zone he had secured.

We are here, we are secure.

He made sure there was never a No Safe Zone where ever we were.

Jai Hind!

With love from a proud #ArmyWife

No Safe Zone - Cover

Jai Hind!


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  2. Vinodini

    How sweet of you to write this for your hubby! Kudos to our army that we have safe zones. Your words evoke the pride which most of us feel but fail to express as well as you did.

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