My Serenity Park.

Serenity Park is one of the highlights of Ferozpur. The park is dedicated to Lord Buddha and aims at providing a pleasant and peaceful environment to the people who visit. Be it meditation, reading or just communing with nature, this is the place to be and it has a beautiful Musical Fountain to boot!

I visit is it often with my kid and we enjoy our time there filled with peace and color! The army had organised an evening of a Band Display and the Musical Fountain for showcasing both to the public of Ferozpur. The park is maintained by army and is a popular place for unwinding in the evenings. Come winter or summer, families flock to its gardens.

Music and Colors.

The park is famous for the musical fountain that usually plays every 15 minutes from 6.30 in the evening. The colourful fountains along with the pleasant music make the evening very relaxed and serene. One can just sit and enjoy Mother Nature and the soulful music endlessly while the White Lord Buddha watches you. As you commune with nature Buddha aids you to achieve your inner peace.

Not a very clear picture of the band 🙂

This Band Display was a grand affair with a full attendance from the army as well as civil dignitaries. The evening began with bands from 6 units coming together as one. They stared individually and then the drummers and the pipers played individually. The whole contingent of the various different bands also performed together taking the music to a new high; a crescendo!

The show moved on to the band playing in the dark while tiny lights twinkled on their clothes and instruments. The band played with flourish and the audience was quite enthralled, even the little kids were quite attentive forgetting their mischief for a while.  The park is open from all sides so people passing by had stopped too, mesmerised by the music.

The band display finished to give way for a couple of numbers of the musical & light fountain. The dancing streams of water looked as if they had a life of their own, dancing and teasing at times spraying the audience with a gentle mist as the wind blew to cheer on the music.

The evening finished on a sweet and melodious note with such a thunderous applause for the band as well as an evening well spent. Glorifying Mother Nature!!

My son posing with the Lord…..did you find him?

The latest good news is that a 60 feet high national flag similar to the one at Connaught Place, New Delhi is planned to be put up behind Lord Buddha. It will be even more mesmerising to sit and meditate amidst the fluttering flag and to contemplate our nation’s past and future.

It sure will make my favorite spot all the more beautiful!

Do you have a park or garden nearby that you visit?
What is your favorite place to unwind?

Health & Happiness Always.


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