Love with Bloglovin’

As I wake to find my post for the Alphabet ‘H’ unwritten and  the comments on fellow bloggers really needing some supercharged energy I found myself getting buried beneath technology.

I got really frustrated trying to figure out how to get all my blogs in one place and how to read them all and not go crazy thinking, “What all am I missing?”

Finally my “Techie Angel’s” Friends  introduced me to BLOGLOVIN’ once again and now I am happy, enlightened and aware. A gold mine has been uncovered and I feel so much saner especially I shall be travelling the next week.

I had been following few blogs on the site but not really accessing it but now all that has changed;D

The stress and uncertainty all vanished and now all I have to do is put the name of my favored blogs and Bingo! All posts in one place. Every thing on time and I am totally up to date.

Thanks a lot to Shailaja  & Srilakshmi ! My techie Angels!!

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