Life Learns. HEART OF THE MATTER by Mahesh Sowani

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Heart Of The Matter is a collection of seven short stories which explore the simple truths of life. All around us we face incidents that may be ordinary for us but quite important for another. Through these short stories, Mahesh has made the ordinary special and that is the USP of this collection.


In Baby’s Day Out a little baby becomes a mini-celebrity but we narrate such tales each day without realizing their impact. Ask that child to know its importance. Naughty At Forty brings ‘mid-life crisis’ to fore or is it just a story of a horny guy? 😀

Airport works on many levels, as it can be a daunting place for anyone but it also motivates, read this story to know how. Ridicule can pull down anyone but we do not realize it when we are the one dishing it out.

The collection has good stories but I found them a bit short and a couple of them abrupt. The language was a bit rough at a few places and could be fine tuned.

“There were some urchins begging to the commuters who were gormandizing fast food at the stand and eat eatery.”
 “I felt petty at myself that I have never ever travelled in my life by flight.”

The message is good and we will find such situations in our life. We can learn from the message they convey.

Stronger Are The Forces and My First Teacher explores the concern and impact of strangers and people who cross out paths in life. Though short but they spoke of deep thoughts.

Beggars Have A Choice made me laugh and I have experienced this in real life, Delhi is full of such beggars and rare is the day we would not encounter one. Blessings from strangers and kind words can make any day shine bright and this story motivates as well.

The stories are good for a fast read when short on time. Mahesh has chosen situations from all aspects of our life. A fast, fun, fictional reality story collection.

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Heart of the Matter

Stories published in the Hindustan Times

Mahesh Sowani

Happiness is all around you. You just need to open your eyes, and tune your mind to perceive it. This collection of short stories demonstrates how a random stranger, a grumpy boss and even a beggar can make you happy. One thing is assured, after reading these stories there will be a smile on your face, warmth in your heart and your will feel good.




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  1. Sreesha

    I’ve been looking for short story collections given that I can’t seem to be able to read full length stories of late (reading fatigue, mostly). However, language and editing are a bit of a deal breaker for me. Since it’s a quick read, I might consider it though.

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