If You Only Knew Me by Divyata Rajaram

If You Only Knew Me

If You Only Knew Me is a reminder that friendships and friends are not what they seem. A city full of glamour and gaiety, luxury personified is home to five friends who have been together for years. The friends slowly start finding the true nature of their friends when adverse incidents happen.

The author has made the book interesting with extramarital affairs, deception, cheating and drugs. Even though the place is Dubai it could well be Bombay or New Delhi. The added advantage of the book was the virtual tour of Dubai offered as the friends moved from one luxury event to another.

It was fascinating to read about uber-rich wives eager to show-off yet they were so alone. What all they did to feel special and wanted. So money yet it cannot buy the honesty and trust of the friends.

The book works since the story moves fast. The glitz and glamour, the parties tempt ordinary readers like me to get a glimpse of Dubai. The feelings and vulnerabilities are expressed through the stories of the friends. The parallel stories of the friends make the book engaging and offers insight into the human mind.

How we treat our friends and how much we know about them is actually debatable and the author got that right. With death, money, fraud, drugs and infidelity the realities surface and true friends are revealed.

If You Only Knew Me is about life but how our friends shape our lives and destiny.



If You Only Knew Me


If You Only Knew Me is a story of friendship, passion and intrigue set in Dubai, arguably one of the world’s most exciting cities to live in.

Rupali, Anjali, Dipika, Sakina and Monica are five NRI women whose lives are glitzy and exciting as they flirt with high society within the charmed social circles frequented by the Dubai expat community. Beautiful homes, designer clothes, shoes, fast cars and a lifestyle that is envied by all, there is very little these women have not attained. Together they have also woven the closest of friendships and must rely on each other to stay on top.

Appearances are deceptive, though, and often the people you think you know the best, harbor secrets too dangerous to be shared. When tragedy befalls, the investigation that follows opens an ugly box of secrets that will test their friendship and find them struggling to make sense of the madness and deception surrounding them.

Who can they really trust anymore? How far must they go in their fight for survival?

How long will their friendship last once the masks have dropped and none can pretend any longer?







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