Gratitude is the key.

I totally agree with the above quote. Yes, there is always something to be thankful about. I do always appreciate it even though I might not talk about it much.

So today I share my Gratitude………

I have been reading a lot Gratitude lists for quite some time, some blogs have a day devoted to the list others have it as an underlying theme for their blog. I took the plunge with my own gratitude list when I saw the Gratitude list linky on Cornnie’s Everyday Gyaan and when I was tagged on Facebook by four very lovely, talented and beautiful ladies Christina, Sreeja Praveen, Sitara Nair Kapoor  and  Swathi Shenoy. Do click on their names to enrich your mind through their blogs.

I have been blogging about the little things which fill up my gratitude jar daily through the game of tag going on Facebook but here is my list for things that brighten up my day. I believe in the power of positivity – you should too.
My Gratitude List
1.       I am grateful for having those few minutes when I thank God for all the things he made easy for me any time of the day.
2.       I am grateful for cool blogger friends who guide me when I ask, help me when I am stuck and make me laugh too.
3.       For knowing that there is no age for learning and looking for new things to learn every day.
4.       For having supportive friends both online and offline 😉 whom I can rely on at a drop of a hat.
5.       For having the love of a family (read hubby) in my life – it makes everything so much easier.
6.       Knowing my blogging and writing awaits for me each day as I return from tasks that keep me away from it.
7.       I am grateful for a kind and understanding kid who lets me be lazy and preoccupied so many times. Thank god for children and their love. They share so freely.
8.       For still being in touch with my school and college friends – it keeps my spirit and mind young. (I still think I am not a day older than 24!)
9.       For technology as it make everything about our lives so easy, connecting, simplifying and supporting.
10.   For having parents and a sibling who always encouraged me to be independent, take initiative and follow my heart.
This is my gratitude list for all times and for all the little things that make big things happen. The power of positive thinking – may it be in all your endeavors.
 …………………IT IS THE WAY.
Health & Happiness Always.

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