Gratitude Always

Ok, I am way too late for my January gratitude post but I still think I will write it because it is something I wanted to do when I joined TheGratitude Circle by Vidya Sury. I plan to stick by my plan 😉 So here goes nothing…..
1.    I have actually forgotten what I wanted to write in my gratitude post but I am thankful that I am still getting it done.
2.    Thankful for the lovely sunshine that has been playing hide and seek. Makes the anticipation for summer more interesting.
3.    Thankful for being a part of the flag hoisting ceremony for the unveiling of the tallest flag in Punjab!
4.    Thankful for my fellow bloggers joining me in my new attempt to cover my week in a picture. Yes, many of you have joined #SnapYourWeek and I am so honoured, humbled and thankful for that.
5.    Thankful for sticking by my #WOTY word of the year for this month. Yes, I am living with conviction.
6.    Thankful for my dearest, extremely talented and beautiful Rajlakshmi for gracing my blog with a heartfelt post. Yes, it took a lot of planning but it was all worth it. Thank you Rajlakshmi.
7.    Thank you my dear fellow bloggers and readers for giving so much love to the guest post and my blog.
8.    Thankful for the BAR and the awesome support I get from everyone. Even when I am late and lazy in visiting other blogs. Thanks a ton!
9.    Thankful for the awesome prompts for writing provided by WriteTribe, The Book Club & BAR. I have been writing on many of them and missing a few but they keep the mind active.
10. Thankful for the chance to review so many wonderful and different books from all over the world. Never is it truer than for books, that they have no boundaries.
11.  Thankful for the Linky being open for a month so I can post this late, when it is almost time for the February post!!
So share some love, share your gratitude and spread some cheer.
I leave you with my thoughts about why we must always be grateful and thankful; “Be grateful for what you have, some don’t even have this much!”

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