I have been reading this book for the past week and having terrible connectivity issues, it was like the book was rubbing salt on my wounds of bad Wi-Fi.  It also gave me hope that one day India too would have seamless connectivity and Wi-Fi access everywhere.

The book starts off with a simple enough manner, typical to high suspense novels, clandestine meetings, a high profile murder and some under currents that convey that all is not what it seems. The book takes off at high speed (speed unlike my sluggish networks) from there and I felt as if unrelated things were being discussed, how could possibly an ATM be connected to gaming or to very decent executives and they to murders and stealing?


The story is well spun and even though I am not a very big fan of the world of finance and internet gaming the book held my interest and kept me glued to the pages. The author has clearly done his homework about background of the story. I had heard about the ‘Bitcons’ but the way the author has weaved them into the story left me wondering on the future of money.  How we see it and how it will change in the future.

The characters in the book are all well etched out. They stand tall and hold interest of the reader. Varun the estranged son, Tanya, the neglected daughter, Aditya, the loving father even Swami & Sandeep, sincere friends and the US Detectives, all are so real and believable as if the author has met them; given his background, maybe he has. His vast experience as a banker gives him unique insight into the world of cash, currency and shaky loyalties.


I must confess I have been reading a lot of romance and not enough thrillers so this was a welcome break. Little suspense, intrigue and murder can do wonders to spice up our life.


The plot is a bit tricky in the beginning but slowly it all comes together, by the time half the novel was read I had a pretty good idea of the motives of two characters and I was trying to figure out about another seemingly innocent bystander. The book keeps a steady pace of a “guessing game” that makes the reader engrossed in the different aspect of the crime going on.

Is it just a crime…no there are more than one but to find out which the worst was and who got off most easily you will have to read the book.


With the mind boggling number of books available in the market and a new one being launched everyday it is understandable that I had not heard about the author and now I wonder why I had not. Ravi clearly comes out as a winner with so many accolades and awards up his sleeve. All well deserved I might add.

A Signed Copy!


His writing is crisp, clear, small meaningful sentences and very precise chapters with enough spice to keep the interest piqued. His book is a must read for fans of suspense and intrigue; an Indian author whose writing is like the king of fiction, suspense and thrills.

To top it all off, he sent a signed copy!!

Thank you, Ravi Subramanian and Blog Adda.

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