Marijuana Dairies is a collection of stories on addiction, and a book addict like me could not miss reading these stories; I wanted to find how they have justified the title of addiction and what kind of stories made up the book. I was not disappointed by the content; lots of good stories and even one by the famous Gulzar.

The stories cover various aspects of addiction and do justice to the theme showcasing the diverse forms of intoxication. These stories are from all walks of life, covering a wide array of stories to serve every kind of reader. These tales delight, romance, scare and remind the reader of the diverse emotions and feelings of humans.
The cover depicts addiction with the image of a lady with a smoke in her hand and the names of all the authors swirling around her. It showcases the thought, theme of the book and yet there is so much more in the book. Marijuana Diaries is a bit rough around the edges as all the writers are not experts but a few stories definitely stand out.
Anorebolemipedia by Brindaa Lakshmi was one story that me as a foodie could really identify with the comments about the thoughts and love. The self loathing, the doubts and the satisfaction with self and it’s a really different concept. All for A Game by Aparajita Dutta was a story whose ending had the most impact. She has blended the theme very well with reality. I was reading it wondering that it’s a typical story of sports obsessionwas I surprised! Into the Abyss and Back by Janaki Nagraj is a story so many women would identify with. Many would have visited this abyss and not returned. She had depicted the emotions and conflicts of a woman, a woman who has everything and yet wants more. A Date Night At Home by Nethra A had a decidedly sinful twist. Nicely done.
Idiot’s Box by Nivedita must be the story across homes. I could imagine the ‘sass-bahu serials’ and the addiction for them. An Everlasting Bond & I,Me, Myself; Life In My Shoes and Search had good stories and added to the collection. One More Chance by Rochelle Potkar was a story of love, about emotions; it is such a twisted tale of romance, love and longing. The author Rochelle writes with a different vein. I am reading her short story collection ‘The Arithmetic of Breasts’ and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Wake Me Up by Rubina Ramesh was one hell of a ride!! I was astounded with the twist in the tale, the seamless merging of reality and fantasy. A bit terrifying but an intoxicating tale nevertheless as it left me wanting to read more of her words. The Rain by Gulzar, was a treat to read, his interpretation of addiction was superb. Such a simple premise and so much depth but he is a wizard with words.
Gulzar’s story was the right choice to end the book with. It was like the cherry on top for the short story collection. Marijuana Diaries is an eclectic collection of stories meant to relax and unwind the readers mind; taking the reader to another direction.

(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of my unbiased review.)


Compiler : Paulami Duttagupta

Edited by : Nethra A.

Marijuana Diaries, an anthology on addiction and obsession, has 17 stories by new and established writers. As writers introspect and celebrate addictions of various forms, the pages of this diary fill up.

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About The Authors

Contributors: Gulzaar, Raghuvir Shekhawat, Deepali Junjappa, Meera Bharadwaj, Priyaa Trippayar Sahasranaman, Subha N Nivedita and Dr. Tahmina Khaleel Rochelle Potkar, Paulami DuttaGupta, Reshma Ranjan, Rubina Ramesh, Nehali Lalwani, Nethra Anjanappa, Janaki Nagaraj, Aparajita Dutta, Brindaa Lakshmi and Ahana Mukherjee.


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