I have been reading so much about Maya Angelou in the past few weeks and even though I did not write for any of the amazing prompts put up by my favorite sites, today when I sat to pen a post after a forced break she was on my mind.

She truly is a phenomenal women, I had used parts of this very poem for an event for women that I had co-hosted in May. Even though I have not read much of her works, what little I have inspires me. I was going to write a post on the prompt by Vidya Sury (You can read her happy words and see the beautiful pictures her) this is what I wrote. That one is coming soon.

Hope I was able to some justice to a literary giant and a great human being. And this is my favorite quote by her 😉


Stories of days gone by, feelings forgotten and thoughts buried.
Questions never asked and answers never sought.
Your heart will never forget even if your mind refuses to remember.
A journey through your world, unearthing the deepest cesspools of defeat,
Uncovering the despair and baring the depression.
A shadow of who you are floats along with you;
Never does it show but it burdens your life.
A moonbeam or a sun ray skirts close by but it hesitates – will be able to share its cheer or will it disappear in the mire?
How you keep it all inside, how you bear the agony, how you bear the mark, how you salvage your soul?
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Does it always fester or does it just float?
Nothing will work unless you do.
Does it block or does it bury?
Break the invisible restrains; they are your minds’ ministrations.
Unburden your heart and forgive, forgive, forgive.
Salvage your soul, unleash yourself and liberate your mind.
The heart believes what the mind agrees; rejoice and reclaim your happiness.
Collect your thoughts and make them gifts.
Gifts of love, gifts of hope & gifts of freedom.
Rejoice and rekindle the love in your life; the love for yourself.

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