Emotional Cliffhanger #DANGLE by Sutapa Basu

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Dangle is the story of Ipshita, a young and vivacious girl who is living life to the fullest, working and yet something is missing from her life. The starting is a scared Ips in her hotel room when she feels she is being attacked and yet it is just a misunderstanding – silly things getting her upset many times. As the book progressed I too felt a bit odd along with her. The subtle incidents and the doubts that sprang up kept me glued to the book as I was eager to know what was the ‘Dangle’ in the book.

The story is revealed in layers, the doting parents, her sister and the brother-in-law and the best friend, Aditya Rao all of them play a crucial role in her life. Who out of them is the reason for her odd behaviour, who is her anchor and who will help her overcome the fear? She is affected by her qualms and insecurities, aptly described as snakes that attack her.

The book is an attempt at highlighting mental illness and how it can affect any individual, even one from a loving family. With excellent support from her loving parents and a job that is close to her heart one would think Ipshita wants for nothing. Sadly, appearances are deceptive. The calm is just a cover for the anguish that mars her life.

Her parents and sister’s silence on the trauma she faced and Vikram’s attitude put me off and I applauded when Ips confronts him. Wish all of this could have been done sooner, her sister could do something, the parents even Adi could be more vocal but then such is life. A time and place for everything.

Her trip to various places transported me to those beautiful locales as I experienced them in Sutapa’s words. She has done a good job describing the cities and especially Thailand and Manipur in North East India. Her words made me want to visit the beautiful places.  A portion of the book is at an army base in Manipur, describing the reality and fleeting life we all take for granted. The scene where the fisherman is shot left me with goose bumps but such is the harsh truth of insurgency – no one is safe.

The book moves at a good pace and I was eager to get to the bottom of the troubles that ail Ipshita. The chase of getting to the reason of it all kept the pages turning and what a journey it was. At times thrilling and suspenseful while lyrical and poetic when required. Sutapa’s writing prowess shines through the book, I look forward to reading her next one. The author does not disappoint and when I read of her childhood trauma and its repercussions I could see why the book is named dangle. It has a thrilling end, almost bittersweet and does full justice to the title.

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Sutapa Basu


Stunning, svelte, smart Ipshita is a globetrotter. She treks across the world to gather bytes for the travel chats she designs and hosts for TV channels. Despite being a self-assured and sophisticated entrepreneur, Ipshita is haunted by a nameless fear. Social interaction with men unleashes psychotic turmoil inside her, making her wary of male attentions. Yet, the cold and aloof Ips is inexorably drawn to the three men she meets at different points in her journey.
Her arousal to the overtures of these men catches her unawares. Well-built defenses break as her dormant sexuality go into overdrive until she discovers the horrifying truth about them…and herself.
Life puzzles. Secrets tumble out. Will she be able to reclaim her life or let it dangle?


  1. Sutapa Basu

    Thank you Inderpreet for such a perceptive review. You have mentioned all those nuances that I wanted to impress on my readers. I am delighted that you found them.

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