Creative Rhythm Of Your Heart

She was so sure her mudras were perfect, her arches just right and the toes pointed perfectly. She had moved from another city to be here with the great dancer and teacher Mrignaini Subalaxmi to hone her craft and to return home as the toast of the town, celebrated, felicitated and famous.

                Here she was on the third day of the gruelling 45 day ‘Master’s Module’ and all her conviction and confidence was waning. The great teacher herself had been devoting extra attention to her, but instead of making her popular and polished she was being laughed at by the students.

                 They said she had not got a single movement without Mrignaini pointing her out. Deflated and dejected she thought of her dream of a dance school fading away. Surely if her dance was so flawed she would not survive the 45 days here and going home half way through was not an option for her.

                The angelic looking, enthralling Mrignaini approached all of them yet again and said, “You might be perfect but perfection is not always right. Beauty and balance lies in thinking out of the box. Don’t just dance but move from within your soul. Find your inner creativity and fuse it in your dance. How you perceive your work, your dancing and routine all reflect upon the final product that is showcased on your stage or anywhere else you perform.”

                “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”, I realized and that is what Mrignaini was looking in me. Not my perfect mudras and steps. No flawless performances but expressing my heart and baring my emotions. I needed to forget all that I remembered and learn to listen to my heart. Not perfection but passion. Not to follow the steps but to discover my own. Suddenly I felt light and free as I let go.

                I closed my eyes and with a deep breath and started to sway to my mind’s rhythm.  I smiled as Mrignaini joined me with her moves and steps. It was the same music, different rhythm; both equally beautiful.
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Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties 
~ Erich Fromm”

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