Chauhan & Chatterjee C to it!

C brings to fore the vast variety and talent the Indian authors have. Both the authors today are not dedicated writers but professionals first who have done wonders in their profession as well as writing.

Sadly I have not read both but have them high on my TBR. I foresee a manifold addition to my TBR List by the time I reach Z!  Which also reminds me about the dilemma of finding authors with the ‘difficult’ alphabets. Have been thinking out of the box for that and hopefully you will like my solution 😉 Stay tuned for more.

Ladies first, so I feature Anuja Chauhan; an author and advertiser, often described as ‘the best writer of the Indian commercial fiction genre.  As a writer, she is best known for her best-selling, contemporary rom-com novels, The Zoya Factor (2008),  Battle For Bittora (October 2010) and “Those Pricey Thakur Girls” (January 2013). All three books are romances, the first set in the glamorous, high pressure world of Indian cricket, the second in the heat and dust of a Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament) election   and the third in pre-liberalization New Delhi, plagued by a state-censored media.   Her new novel, a jump sequel to Those Pricey thakur Girls, is releasing in May 2015. Titled The House That BJ Built, it is a romance set against the backdrop of a family property dispute, involving BJ’s 200 crore house on New Delhi’s posh Hailey Road.
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I could have just go with one author for C but the sheer number of talented writers has made me greedy and hence author no 2 is  Upamanyu Chatterjee who  is an Indian civil servant who is also a published author and best known for his novel English August, also adapted into an acclaimed film. Chatterjee has written a handful of short stories of which “The Assassination of Indira Gandhi” and “Watching Them” are particularly noteworthy.    The novel follows Agastya Sen – a young westernised Indian civil servant whose imagination is dominated by women, literature and soft drugs
His second novel, The Last Burden, appeared in 1993. This novel recreates life in an Indian family at the end of the twentieth century. The Mammaries of the Welfare State was published at the end of 2000 as a sequel to English, August. His fourth novel, Weight Loss, a dark comedy, was published in 2006.  His fifth was Way To Go, a sequel to The Last Burden published in 2010. His most recent work is Fairy Tales at Fifty, published in 2014, another kind of dark comedy that combines the fantasy of fairy tales and reality.

I am sure with this I am just touching a fraction of  the Incredible Indian Authors as I shall be featuring most of the recent authors. If I do an all time favorite list then I need more days and many more alphabets 🙂

So here are my choices for C, Which is your favorite? 

I am writing about INCREDIBLE INDIAN AUTHORS for the A to Z Challenge 2015.

Author bio from respective websites and wikipedia.

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