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#BlackDogNights is a new adult romance, a young girl out of college needs to pay her loans and a rich entrepreneur has the money but wants her in return. A straightforward deal for them both but as is the case with contracts, life has other plans.

I had read this book as three novellas but #BlackDogNights makes a perfect complete book as well. This is the finale of the book series; you can read it as a full-length novel or three novellas like I did. Either way, it does not take away anything from the story. This is one of the books Karen Muller Bryson wrote under her pen name. You can read the reviews for #BlackDogNights Part 1 and #BlackDogNights Part 2 here.

This is the book where the chemistry and passion that has flared between Jae and Rose comes to a head. They both are trying to understand the need and passion they feel for each other. What had started as just a transaction is now progressing and transforming. The passion between Jae and Rose is explosive but subtle. So much like the life they live. She is an artist working as a waitress and he is the most famous, rich businessman and an artist himself.

Here we finally meet Felicity, the ex who seems to hold a lot of power over Jae or so Rose thinks. What I liked about the book is that it is not just about a rich guy taking what he can but how he discovers himself and his emotions as his relationship progresses. Rose is attracted to Jae from the beginning and is in awe of him due to his stature and talent. Slowly she also understands him and finally, they appreciate each other.

Whether it is Rocco or Felicity or the relationship Jae had with his father, all these add layers to the story. Rose and her father, their relationship brings another surprise to the book. The author has knit a story that isn’t just about a physical relationship but how it can build something stronger as well.

The intensity of Jae was a delight to read, as was his passion for art. I also liked how he encouraged Rose to pursue her art and encouraged her to find herself. Their relationship had started on mutual need but stayed due to their commitment towards each other.

It is a book to read for fun and good timepass, keeps you glued just to know – what next?  Good, crisp language, pacy and hot – all the ingredients for a fine read.


Black Dog Nights: Part Three by Ren Monterrey

Black Dog Nights_Cover

Seeing Felicity makes me realize how much I want to be with Jae. But I don’t want to be some poor substitute for the woman he loved but could never have. I want him to want me more than he ever wanted Felicity D. We’ve just gotten back together and I don’t want to rock the boat too much but I’m also terrified that Felicity could come between us…
#BlackDogNights is serial novel, which unfolds in three parts.

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