Be Calm, Be Brave, Don’t Be Afraid – Book Review

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This is a fast paced, exciting and bit scary adventure penned by a  little girl. She has written this story about a brother sister duo who escape into the future through a magic hole, saving the world from evil.

This story involves the mask on the cover of the book and how the siblings stop it in the nick of time. For a story Penned by a child, it is a beautiful work. Her language is fluid, crisp and the banter between the siblings’ is natural and well paced. The duo embark on the adventure and are each other’s support and companions. The story reminded me of my school days and the summer holidays when we eagerly anticipated a new adventure every day!

Yes, it was the time before TVs and Smart Phones; I feel really old now! The title of the book is what the message of the book is. By ‘Being Calm, Being Brave and not being afraid we should be able to overcome most of our problems and any adventures that you  may face. Also respecting each other and good manners are also highlighted very well in this story.

I am amazed by the clear storyline and ideas Imari Douthit has put across in this book. Very well done! I eagerly await more adventures of the Ally & Max.

About the Author

Imari Douthit is a young author wanting to entertain others through her words. She is a creative writer with an exciting and adventurous imagination. Imari’s love for story telling prompted her to become a published author. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her family.

Facebook: Imari Douthit
Twitter: @imaridouthit

About The Book
Ally and Max are a sister and brother adventure team that helps towns in distress. When a rock lands in Ally’s bedroom to give them their mission, the duo is off to solve the problem. This mission has them going into the future and once the duo arrives they are in for a surprise. Will Ally and Max be able to save the town under siege? Or will they become the town’s next victims?

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