Bags That Make A Difference #GreenBagLady

Green Bag Lady

No matter what Bags are an integral part of our lives. The one you see above is made by the  ‘Green Bag Lady’  and it is blue but it is making the earth green, one bag at a time. Whatever we might be doing chances are a bag would be involved. I just love the cloth bags, whether they are Jhoolas, sling bags or big oversize carry bags. It could be your fancy leather bag or stylish bespoke bag or a regular shopping bag which you pick hurriedly as you rush out for your chores. I love bags and always carry a folded up cloth bag to put my impulse buys. I have been trying to reduce the use of plastic bags as much as possible. The strange looks I get when I shop from a branded store and refuse to buy their bag. Out comes the folded carry bag I have tucked inside my purse.

Go Green is an initiative that we all must emulate in whatever aspect of our lives. My love for bags led me to The Green Bag Lady. I found her page on Facebook. She sends her handmade, cloth bags across the world to various countries. I was lucky enough to win one in a giveaway hosted by her on her website. She is pretty regular with them and you too could participate and try to win a beautiful, colorful, biodegradable bag for yourself. All the bags are tagged and numbered. She has sent more than 41,000 bags!!

Here is the post where I won my bag and she promptly and generously sent it across the continents 😀

I am happy to report that this bag to has found a permanent spot with my shopping list. The blue color is my favorite always brings a smile to my face. Plus, 99% of the time it matches my jeans as well 😉  I will post a picture of me carrying the bag on Instagram soon – follow me Indywrites

I leave you with a few pictures of my pretty, sturdy, eco-friendly bag.

Green Bag Lady Green Bag Lady





Green Bag Lady





  1. Stefinia

    Really cool. We need to promote things like these… green bad that is blue in colour, eco friendly and matches your jeans. Super!! …will check these bags of the green lady.

  2. Nilima Mohite

    Congrats ! Lovely bag Indy. I am trying to reduce plastic too. Big task as everyone keeps using it mindlessly. I too carry a folded bag in my purse. My Baji wala, Chemist,… are all suprised when I return the thin bags.
    Hope to convert old cloth to such bags.

  3. Vinitha

    Cute bag. I loved the color. I had a cute cloth bag like this sometime ago. During one of the moves I lost it. I will check out the link you shared.

    1. Post
  4. Bellybytes

    Lovely initiative but I find it strang how life completes a full circle. We in India always used cloth bags especially made from old curtainsa d the world used to laugh at our ‘kanjoosi’

  5. Rachna

    How lovely, Inderpreet. The bag does look stylish and blue is my favourite colour as well. I will look her up too.


    Cheers and high-five on the going green with one bag at a time. I love this one and will definitely check out her page though I dont need anymore cloth bags 😉 My car and handbags have spare ones and yeah I hear you on the strange lookies sometimes in the shops. I think the food super markets are the only ones used to peeps carrying bags while the rest of the stores get shocked!! 😉

  7. Uma

    Oh, that’s a stylish bag. I’m also trying to reduce the use of plastics and carry cloth bags wherever I go. Love the efforts and initiatives of people like The Green Bag Lady. May her tribe grow and may more people understand the need to go green.

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