B for Brazil #TravelWithBooks #AtoZchallenge @AprilA2Z


The second alphabet is another easy one, for #TravelWithBooks #AtoZchallenge I was spoilt for choice. Should I choose Bhutan, Bahrain, Britain or Bombay but I settled on Brazil. When I think of Brazil, all I see is the image or beautiful beaches and the magnificent, Christ, the Redeemer statue atop the mountain. I also think of the cute movie Rio and the beautiful blue Macaws.

So you know by now that Brazil is a vibrant and diverse place, it also is the home to one of my most favourite authors, Paulo Coelho. Yes, he is from Brazil, he has lived in Rio de Janeiro for a while, then in the
Pyrenees Mountains of France and now lives in Geneva.

For me, the book ELEVEN MINUTES was the one that that was one of the first that I read and loved. Among my favourites is Zahir, Veronika Decides To Die, Devil and Miss Prym, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept: A Novel of Forgiveness and Adultery. All his books are good and you can choose the one you want to read.

I had read the bit controversial Adultery and had found it so rooted in reality since as we grow old, couples do grow apart or distant. Yet it does not stop their love for each other. I had reviewed it on the blog, need to read another one soon. 🙂

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So do you like books by Paulo or are not too keen on his books?

I find them utterly beautiful with deep messages that are conveyed so simply and easily.

Which is your favourite book?

If you haven’t read him, you should soon. Plenty of choices here.

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