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K is Kenya

K is Kenya #TravelWithBooks #AtoZchallenge @AprilA2Z

Kenya is all at once blessed and troubled. Striving from the aftermath of a colonial rule, rampant corruption and ethnic troubles, it also has a diverse landscape, villages, bustling capital city, beaches and the picturesque savannah. The books also reflect the country’s volatile past, struggles and societal impact. These books are diverse and they will …

F is France #TravelWithBooks #AtoZchallenge @AprilA2Z

The stylish, suave and smitten in love, France evokes powerful emotions with its grandeur and beauty. Love and pathos are companions to thrilling chases and mysteries across this beautiful land. France is beautiful, stylish and a lovers paradise so the books, written or based in France are equally thrilling. Romance, love, suspense or mystery – …