A book that reminds us of the fun, simple times. A nostalgic book.

The blurb is so interesting that you can’t stop yourself from reading the book. I had picked it a long time ago and it was half read but the stories remained in my mind and I picked it again during the lockdown and am glad I did.

Half Pants, Full Pants is easy to read, the humorous book is a sweet serenade to days gone past. It is a story of a young boy, the author of his time in the small town of Shimoga and his antics.

The stories are simple, typical of how a childhood was sans the 24 hours social media and binges. A common sense book about the silly yet fun childhood.

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Half Pants, Full Pants is a book to be read at leisure, with a cup of tea and snacks reminding us of our childhood.

Each chapter is an excerpt from the author’s life with common-sense lessons of the old days. I enjoyed the book for it easy to read conversational tone coupled with the interesting yet humorous incidents.

A few of them were so similar to what I had done as a child that I felt part of his gang of friends.

Yes, Half Pants, Full Pants is reminiscent of Malgudi Days but Swami did have a shade on the antics of Anand.

Relishing in the taste of toffees, colas and ice-creams when they were actually a novelty. Train trips and bets with friends. Sleuthing and secrets, all add up to make a very relatable and light-hearted book.

Half Pants, Full Pants is a must read to visit the fun, simple, enterprising era of the childhood of the old times.

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