Author Shilpa Suraj’s Emotional Advice

As I sat to draft this post and share another insight into the mind of an ace writer; once again, I was surprised by the simplicity and perfection that is Shilpa! Just like her books which are perfect mood enhancers and romantic reads, her words outside of her book are equally stimulating and inspiring. 

My reviews of her books Rescued By Love and The Girl He Left Behind don’t justify her fine work but her Author Interviewdoes shed some light on why I wax eloquent whenever I speak of her work.

Without further ado, I welcome Shilpa  with her views on what is takes to pen a wholesome romance!!

Tips for writing an emotionally and sensually well rounded romance novel.

Perception. Personal choices or taste as it’s often called, whether it applies to books, art, fashion, food, home décor or even lifestyle habits always comes down to perception. Which is why one man’s genius is another man’s trash. It’s why some people crave romance novels while others thrive on crime thrillers. Some love Bollywood’s masala movies and others eagerly await every Hollywood release to hit the screens.

Romance novels have an ardent fan following that can rival and outstrip most genres. Every novel is different and appeals to a different demographic and their specific taste. Having said that though, there are certain points that help ensure your reader is as invested in your story as you are.

         Strong protagonists: If your reader doesn’t love your protagonists, they automatically don’t care about their story. Strong, vibrant, relatable personalities draw the reader into the story and have them actively participating in its outcome.

         Realistic plot twists and conflicts: If nothing really happens in your story, then you’re in trouble. On the other hand, if everything under the sun happens in your story, you’re in bigger trouble. Keep your conflicts realistic so the reader isn’t left wondering how your protagonists survived the plague, World War III and a Zombie invasion all at once (while finding time to make out in a barn as well).

         Show, don’t tell: Let the reader feel the love, the delicious build-up of tension, the anguish, the fear, the passion, the anger and all the other wonderful, glorious and incandescent emotions that are part of the process of falling in love. Show it to them in all the little gestures, actions and situations that your imagination conjures up rather than have it come through in a character’s random pontificating. As is common knowledge, actions speak louder than words.
The above points are tips that may be of some help but at the end of the day only you can write your novel. You could write what you consider the most technically perfect and breathtakingly engrossing novel and still have people hate it. So write what rings true for you. Write what you would love to read. At the end of the day, your perception matters the most.
Shilpa, thanks for this very practical and sound advice for all budding authors/writers. Thank you so much for taking time out for gracing my blog.

I wish your book to be grand successes and many more successful bestsellers to you. Looking forward for your next book. 🙂 
Keep Writing!


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