Second Spring

A Second Spring is a story of unsaid promises and unrequited love; the kind that sometimes takes years to get over with. Sometimes it changes your outlook and you are just living and not enjoying life. This is a heart-wrenching tale of pinning for love and finding it in the unlikeliest of place!

Avantika is his boss and Rohan is the handsome yet shy guy. They fall for each other and yet refuse to acknowledge it to each other.

Time flies and eventually when they both do confess; life has other plans! Life is never simple and the path of love even more so. This book reflects on this sentiment; of how difficult it is to show your vulnerability and confess that you love someone. Time and love don’t keep waiting and sometimes we are left behind and just keep trying.

Second Spring

Avantika is the confident, successful boss and a mother who juggles and balances her work and life. She is a star upon which Rohan, the handsome, yet introvert dude from a small city gazes from afar yet hesitates to touch.

More so if you are in an office environment and the boss! This is a story about how even the most confident and successful person can feel hesitant and unsure where love is concerned. Avantika loves Rohan but fails to confess to him and with the added pressure of age and being his boss it gets even more difficult for Rohan. Add the typical issue of waiting for the right moment – which never comes and both being introverts and self-contained it was a wonder they did get together.

The story and the premise of A Second Spring are all very relevant and expressed in the right way. The book adds to the twists and turns of love and life with some surprises right till the end!

The story unfolds from the point of view of both the protagonists and reading the same thing in two different chapters from two different points of view is quite different than what I expected. The author takes her own sweet time to just to get the two together; it is like a cat and mouse game because when Rohan is interested Avantika cold-shoulders him and vice versa. It is like the most fun of falling in love is when we are trying to find a hold in the other person’s life.

This is a very pleasant read as it has a very solid story but the long-winded ruminations and the various tense situations add a lot of drama to the story.  The part where Rohan is finally free to pursue Avantika was most interesting and fast-paced portion of the novel. There is a lot of substance in the book as Avantika is shown as a woman of courage and spirit. Even Rohan gets his act together and I loved the surprise element (read to find out)  in this love story that comes at the end.

The author gave a lot of thought to the story and to the ending of this love story and this new edition and has ironed out many details that make it a pleasant read for a lovely weekend.

(I got a revised  copy of the book from the author for this revised review dated 11-02-2015 )


Avantika, as a successful investment banker, struggles against her growing attraction to her charming colleague that she fears above all else just might be her true love and soul mate. She’s been hurt in the past, so she must tread lightly where Rohan is concerned. Rohan, an attractive, smart, aspiring investment banker is a part of Avantika’s team. He struggles to gain the foothold in his career, while at the same time, he battles against his strong desire toward Avantika. Her strong will to resist the idea of unconventional love, his constant struggle to exert rigid control over will and passion… only to succumb to the joys and passion during business trips that changed the course of their lives forever.

Mysteriously and ruthlessly, destiny takes both of them on separate ways.

Rohan blames himself for the disastrous exit when he had to choose duty over love and carries with him the torturous guilt of breaking Avantika’s heart.

Betrayed by the man she trusted, Avantika distanced herself from everything that was associated with their love. However, haunted by the deep passion that still rages in his soul, Rohan re-discovers the deep-rooted love for her that he tucked away in the deepest chamber of his heart. The question is, will Avantika accept him back?

received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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