A Season of Change by Tumika Cain (When A Man Loves A Woman Series)


#ASeasonOfChange is a book that will shake your mind and your thoughts and preconceived notions of love, life, relationships and family. This book is the story of Alicia and Avery as they try to stay together and find themselves and each other on this journey. It is the first book of When A Man Loves A Woman Series. I have already reviewed Book 2 – A Love Divine here.

Book Cover - When a Man Loves a Woman: A Season of Change (Seasons Series Book 1) byTumika Cain

It deals with a very serious and rampant issue in married life – abuse. On the surface, their marriage is a perfect one and they are the golden couple. Professionals, hardworking, generous, supporting the community and successful but beyond the limelight the facade crumbles and we see the anger, hurt, violence and scorn they face and feel.

The book explores their married relationship and personal life that spirals out of control in spite of love. So much love yet we realize that sometimes love is not enough. Avery with his controlling personality and his past hidden away is a disaster waiting to happen and Alicia – a confident woman does not realize that she is facing abuse. How much and what kind and why would it happen to a person like her can be understood when we read the book.

I shuddered as I read the traumas dealt in the book by the characters. They are all well etched and realistic. This also makes it easy to relate to the story and the book. Tumika has dealt with a difficult topic but this one needs a voice, needs to be spoken about. A season of change is indeed about when and how we decide that a change is needed. What is the final straw that makes a person move?

The book shares the life of Alicia and Avery for more than 15 years and makes us realize that many times we never truly know a person. The need to stay with a loved one buries the instinct of self-preservation. This book busts many myths about abuse and how subtle and powerful it can be making it a read for anyone in a relationship.  You would suddenly see it more clearly all around you – I did, even with strangers.

“One day you wake up and realize that you are so used to living with your pain that you don’t know how to live without it.”

I had to stop reading just to absorb all that was going on with these two such was the emotional impact of the book. Add to that a full set of characters that add to the story, I wanted to know more and more. Katie, Morgan, Ella Jean and Alicia parents, all together explore so many facets of their lives. It has been an enriching experience to read this book.

I felt that maybe they could have taken a step in the right direction sooner but this book is about a harsh reality that sometimes even a lifetime is not enough to take the first step. Faith, family, support and inner strength is all that keeps everything from going bad.  I felt that there could have been more closure in the end but such issues can never truly just vanish. They leave a trail and I liked that some good eventually came.

The heart of the book is love and how it can guide a person just as Alicia made her decisions. Avery and his path were a tough one indeed but that is what the story is about. I would say A Season of Change is not an easy or light book to read but then most of the good things in life need a little work 🙂


[Review was commissioned by the author. Views are my own.]


BOok cover - When a Man Loves a Woman: A Season of Change (Seasons Series Book 1) byTumika Cain


The stars seemed to have been aligned for Avery and Alicia. From the outside looking in, Lady Luck passed their way and left a fortune! They had a whirlwind, fairytale romance filled with all the little things that make dreams come true, a wedding of grace and beauty, and perfectly magical careers that produced almost enough money to burn.  They were the picture-perfect couple.

Unfortunately, time has a way of revealing fissures in what appears to the naked eye as impenetrable. The results send this fairytale romance spiraling out of control.

Avery, as perfect and so right as he seemed, struggles to free himself from his demons. He clings to this delicate relationship that he desperately needs as if his last breath depends on it.  Alicia, on the other hand, struggles to make the necessary corrections that will release her from a prison of unexpected, agonizing turmoil.

A novel of enduring strength, undeniable empowerment, and the compelling ability to overcome incredible odds, Book one in the When a Man Loves a Woman series is a powerhouse that will impact readers long after the last words have been read.


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  1. Vidya Sury

    Very well-reviewed, Inderpreet! What a sensitive topic to write about;not everyone can do justice to it. I’d like to read the book. Thanks for your insights.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Vidya! Your words make me feel so good that I was able to write about the crux of the book. It is not an easy topic and the book speaks strongly about the hold of the abuser. I hope you pick it soon. Thanks 😀

  2. kalaravi16

    Wow! That sounded like a loaded book! Marital abuse, an intrinsic part of many marriages a few decades ago wherein most couples were stuck in a loveless marriage out of societal pressures. I am glad things are changing now as this issue is being more rampantly discussed through books & media. Your review was beautiful and I think it invites enough intrigue for readers to check out the season of change. Great going Indy 🙂

    1. Post

      Thank you,Kala! I think that such topics are really important and need to be spoken about. It is a different book and written with a lot of insight.

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