A Creative Parade!

They had a beautiful green meadow for as long as they remembered. All of them grumbled and sighed as they had been plucked from their plush green homes. 

The tomatoes shuddered as they were plucked, some smoothly, some rudely but plucked none the less. They had been enclosed snugly in their soft, green coverlets. 

Life was sweet and simple as they grew looking up at the open sky and felt the wind breeze through their patch called home.

Life took a turn they had never anticipated and today as they were lined up for inspection they tried to look their best. Standing alert, smooth, round and shiny so the best one of them gets chosen.

They all stood attention.

#CreativityTakesCourage is aptly reflected in this post. This is one of the most difficult prompts that I have attempted. I still took the plunge and decided to see what I could write about. This is what creativity means and this is how I have shed my fear to be creative.

The picture by Aparna George is remarkable and gives a lot of ‘food for thought’ but little by way of inspiration to a novice like me. I have tried still and I hope she likes the story I have told. 

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