5 Tips For Inspiring Comments On Blogs.

Blogging is incomplete if we do not learn the right way of commenting on the blogs we visit and reply to those who take the time out to visit us. Here is what I follow while commenting and see most popular and gifted bloggers follow.
1.       Write in simple language and use more than 2 or 4 words for comments. Two word comments show your indifference to the post and the writer’s efforts. It takes the same amount of time and effort. A longer comment shows you made an attempt and read the content and they will reciprocate.
2.       Share the comments and post on multiple platforms. Use help from twitter feed and other apps like freepost to schedule your posts and link your social networks too. Don’t forget to tag the blogger in the shares.
3.       Always reply to the comments no matter how old they are even if you find time very late. Usually try to reply to the comments within a couple of days of the post. Reply to an unknown commenter also as if you wish to know more about them and befriend them
4.       Be courteous even if you disagree. Rude language, arguments and angry comments only dissuade people from visiting your blog again or banning you from their network. As mom always says, “Courtesy costs nothing.”
5.       Always try and build a relationship and return the favour. Keep the conversation going both in the comments on the blog as well as the social networks like FB, twitter etc where you frequently meet.
Nothing makes me feel sadder than a few phrases for comments and just a ‘great post’ or ‘thanks’ in reply to a well written post or comment.
It is not just a comment but an exchange of Ideas and learning.
Do you feel sharing is enough and a detailed comment is not required or is it ?
Tell me how you feel about those abrupt comments?
Have you ever got any?
Write A Tip Post.


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