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Today I write a link post for my blog as a part of the Write Tribe 7 Days blogging fiesta!!
I link to the four people in my post that have kept me hooked onto writing and blogging. Surprisingly they are all ladies!! But they did help me connect to a lot of absolutely marvellous guys and gals online. The path to something new and different is always difficult and needs a lot of motivation and dedication for one to continue and to succeed. These blogs helped me with one (motivation) so I never fell short of the other (Dedication).
These websites and the force behind them have been crucial in imparting a virtual treasure trove of wisdom, knowledge and skills for me to write better and to be a better human being. 
These women know what they are talking about and have an amazing amount of information and resources with easy access for you. Just click away and learn, learn and learn. Blog, blog and blog better!

1.      Mridu Khullar , journalist with over 10 years of experience and she talks about finding your inner groove and making it work and not being afraid for any goal that we wish to achieve.  Her website is http://www.theinternationalfreelancer.com/ and she has been blogging at http://www.mridukhullar.com/  for quite a while.
 2.   Shuchi Singh Kalra, an optometrist by profession but a writer by passion, many of you know her as the author of the famous novella ‘Done With Men’. She is all this and much more as the brains behind the very valuable resource and the place to go for with your writing queries for all Indian freelance writers, the website http://www.indianfreelancewriters.com/.You can also reach her for writing solutions at http://www.pixiedustwritingstudio.com/

3.   Carol Tice is the very cute and smart lady behind the  website http://www.caroltice.com/but for all writing advice and  the famous, elite writing ‘Boot Camp’ for redefining your writing, work and blog; you can join http://www.makealivingwriting.com/

4.   Aparna Vedapuri Singh, is the guiding force and motivation guru as well as entrepreneur behind the most popular and relevant website for women, life, work and society today; the Women’s Web. You can visit here http://womensweb.in/ for stories, advice and finding the pulse of women and society today.

Between these Websites I have found such a treasure that it overflows and I must thank http://www.writetribe.com/for giving me and my blog a sense of direction and guidance that I am sharing it with you. And that makes it 5 links!
Keep writing, keep blogging!

Write A Link Post.


This post is day 4 of  
7 Days to 
Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove

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