5 obsessive tales of #SoftestForBabySkin

The supple, tender and so creamy butter soft skin of a baby ensures that you can never forget the first time you have touched a baby. A mother holds her tiny bundle of joy, soft and tender; wishing that the moment stays forever like this. Trying to keeping the baby just as perfect and soft but the baby has other plans!

Crawling, skinning their knees and then pretty much rolling in mud are the three basic steps for toddles and babies to have fun. Try as she may a mother cannot stop this progress and she loves as she watches her baby grow.  As mother races to keep up with the rapid changes in her baby, the soft skin is the first one to suffer. I am no exception to this effort and boy! Did I try!!
5 obsessive things I did for my baby to have #SoftestForBabySkin
1.    I kept him covered from head to toe. Yes, just his hands and face used to be uncovered. I dressed him in bodysuits, ensuring minimum dryness and exposure of skin.
2.    Carpeted the whole floor of my drawing room, leaving no floor for him to scrape his hands and knees on. Not a single area was without the soft carpet which in turn was covered with softer sheets.
3.    On top the carpeting I blocked his access to the dining and other areas by lining up the sofas and making a ‘furniture wall’ he could not crossover. Alas, this only lasted till a few months and then he promptly climbed up and out.
4.    Slathered him with baby oil during bath and baby lotion after bath and each time I changed his diaper. It was quite a lot considering we were in the cold climes of wellington, near Ooty. May be that’s how all that cream got absorbed and I am sure the clothes helped.
5.    I ensured that even outside the house he never crawled to uncarpeted areas. My friends used to give advice, roll their eyes and laugh at me but I did not stop! Not till he refused to sit anywhere the moment he was out of the house.

This is the way I kept my baby soft and his skin softer! I did not stop till my baby himself decided that mom was really going overboard. He started walking at eleven months and I had to shelve my plans and follow him wherever her went, which was pretty much everywhere.

I look back fondly at these memories and cherish these beautiful thoughts softly. Did you also do any such over the top activities to keep a baby’s soft skin safe?

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