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Last Sunday as I sat to down to read the HT Brunch as usual but as soon as I reached the center spread of the magazine, it left me with a sad, angry and upset mind. I just could not read beyond the Ponds Advertisement. 

Go on, take a look, read the post. Tell me if it does not upset you too? 

I love makeup, dressing up and shining but not the way Ponds wants us to!

I have shared it on Women’s Web rather than on my blog since I feel they are the perfect voice of women today. More power to women, may her voice be heard loud and clear.

Regressive advertising targeted at women – please, isn’t it time to wake up and realize it doesn’t really work any more with the thinking woman? 

Regressive – is the word that came to my mind as I opened the center spread of the Brunch magazine this Sunday.

Patronizing and shallow too come a close second. I loved the tips provided by top fashion and beauty experts but I object to the tag line.  Extolling the virtues of their Ponds Age miracle day cream the headline “PROMISE YOURSELF TO LOOK YOUNGER THIS WOMEN’S DAY” yes, it is in caps in the ad too.

So looking young is paramount, as if older women are to be disregarded and ignored? Is just having soft, supple, healthy and clear skin not important enough?

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  2. Lynda Dietz

    That makes me crazy. How about “be more content with yourself” or something that doesn’t imply that a woman has to look a certain way to be acceptable. No wonder so many are obsessed with looking younger and resorting to plastic surgeries. Heaven forbid we show our age . . . like men do.

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  3. Shailaja V

    It is really disheartening to see that we have not moved beyond the ‘Fairness’ creams and ‘age-defying’ lotions 🙁 When will my country or at least the brands wake up to this glaring disparity?

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  4. shanayatales

    Oh yes! I know what you mean. I came across that advt too. So annoying! 😐

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  5. Rachna

    Brands have completely lost the plot with Women’s Day. From peddling beauty packages to lingerie and spas, they have just reduced WD to something inconsequential. Really sad!

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