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It is a rare occasion when I hear my child narrate a tale about his toys and what he is playing. Usually, the screens, games, apps and TV keep him so occupied that he hardly finds time for the storytelling sessions.

When I told him about the Colgate activity he was very excited as we waited for our new Colgate Strong Teeth packs. They come with interesting sea creatures & some trivia inside them. The 4 different packs which I showed him had pictures of the #ColgateMagicalStories that he would get to cut, set up and share stories about. A chance to use the scissors unhindered as the boss and he was in bliss while a new activity that would engage his mind and body and I was in bliss.

As soon as we opened the package he could not control his excitement after all a courier with items just for a 7year old made him feel so important. He loved it that mom was getting something for him and that she would write about it too.

The sense of importance and pride was an all-time high. Add to that the fact that I was edging in facts about tooth care, dental hygiene and correct brushing with the right amount of toothpaste that too the one I, his mom used as a kid and we were a happy lot. We were really like two peas in a pod while we explored the various characters that I helped him cut. (Just the extra curvy parts, mind you.)

The sea animals with all their details were read out and propped up in their places, I was not allowed to touch or adjust them lest I spoil them! The pirate was the man of the hour, the girl is his aide as she helped him navigate their ship across to the beautiful, enchanting mermaid.

All the characters took their place and the narration began, as he spoke nonstop till the end of the story. All from his mind and all extempore. I am his mother but I was amazed, thank god I recorded it so I hear it again and feel blessed. As parents, we have very high expectations from our kids yet they still surprise us time and again.

So here goes a recap of the story.

The pirate is out looking for the biggest treasure in the world and his trusty parrot flies ahead to warn him of the dangers. While a girl pirate (he refused to name them, huh?) navigates the ship as they set sail across the dangerous waters of the seven seas.

The brave pirate reaches the reef where a friendly dolphin tells them the way ahead to the cross the reef where the treasure map will be found. While the other dolphin – the black and white Panda fish (Orca) guides them rest of the way. They find the big fish and avoid it, slide away from a stingray and a pokey fish (Pufferfish) with its spikes.

Storytelling in progress.

Soon they reached the palace of the mermaid where the friendly animals greeted them. The swordfish, the sea horse, the sea turtle and the crab along with the starfish helped the pirate as he swam to the palace and met the mermaid. She gave him the map to the treasure and he swam back to his ship.

He took his ship and went to the sunken ship where the treasure was but right there was a shark guarding it. He took out his sharp knife and killed the shark with it. The other guard, the lionfish attacked him but he killed it too.

He saw the dreaded octopus and fought with him and immediately cut his tentacles and cut his head as well. (He likes a bit of gore, must be due to watching those movies with his dad.)  He moved to the treasure chest and found it easily as he had killed all the three guards. Quickly he carried it to his ship and set sail for his home.

The End

He enjoyed the time spent reading, cutting and setting up the story time. I just watched and gushed – I know, I know I am a sucker for his cuteness. Now you also know why I so rarely do personal posts on the blog. I lose all perspective and that’s not good. 🙂 

This pleasure can be yours to share with your child, just go here to know more about #ColgateMagicalStories When was the last time your child told you a story?  They could do the storytelling this time by weaving their imagination together.  

These lines mentioned above piqued my interest and I realised it was true. My child had not been telling stories just listening to them. He loves reading his books and comics and all the stories he hears from his grandmother and me and he can’t stop sharing the adventures!

What stories have your children been sharing with you?


  1. Eloquent Mind

    That’s so cute. Kids have the most imaginative minds and at that age, it helps to see how creative they can get without any fear or stress. I believe it’s also a lesson for us to be more welcoming in our creativity and jot down our thoughts as they appear. More often than not, I tend to reject some thoughts feeling they aren’t special enough. 😀 Lovely post.

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