Spotlight Shines on “Plan It!” by Sharon Lucas

Book Synopsis
The African American author is often overworked, overlooked and underrated. That coupled with the closing of many bookstores, which had long been the gathering place for these authors, and the emergence of E-readers, has changed the way in which our writers and readers meet and converse.
Though book clubs have long been a cornerstone of the African American community, at no other time in our history has it been more important for readers to support African American authors and to help fill the void left by the closing of our brick and mortar stores.A well-organized book club can be invaluable in spreading the news about great books and talented authors and what better way to achieve that than bringing these two groups together in a well-planned and executed literary event.  That is the message this book will convey.

Author Biography

Sharon can’t remember a time when she wasn’t planning an event: a family reunion, birthday or retirement party, a holiday celebration or other gala, during her more than 40 years as a human resource and sales professional and more than 10 years as a book club leader. After her retirement, it seemed natural to her that she would combine those skills with her love of reading. 
Thus she entered the most exciting time of her life as an advocate for and planner of literary events in support of African American authors and book clubs. In this book, Sharon, who lives with her family in Bowie, MD, shares those experiences. Visit her blog at
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